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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Get the Right Skill Set for Overseas Jobs with Free TESDA Courses

Aspiring OFWs now have access to free online training courses that will help them acquire the right skill set for thousands of overseas jobs. This is made possible through the E-Learning Program of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) that is free for all interested learners including high school graduates and college undergrads.

To help aspiring OFWs pursue their overseas career, eTESDA prepared a list of available jobs along with the necessary TESDA online training courses:

IT/Computer and Arts/Creative/Graphics 

These two job specializations cover the latest overseas opportunities for IT/computer professionals like graphic artists with knowledge in 3D design, web designers, computer programmers and system administrators. These skills are mostly needed in the countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Malaysia.

To increase the chances in landing a job in this line of work, applicants may take any of the TESDA Online Courses related to this craft like Basic Computer Operation, Web Development, Software Development Fundamentals, and Animation to name a few.

Hotel and Restaurant/Food

Careers under this listing consist of housekeeping attendants, sea salad makers, service crews, and cooks. Different countries like Oman, United Arab Emirates, Macau and Maldives constantly require workers to keep their Hotel and Restaurant industry running.

Aspiring OFWs who finished any of the TESDA online courses under Tourism, Housekeeping and Cookery can apply for the overseas jobs under this industry.


Individuals who are into cultivating farms can apply for agriculture jobs available in New Zealand and Japan. To date, It has opportunities for farm workers, agriculture field officers and agriculturist gardeners.

Applicants may take the Fruit Grower Online Course from TESDA to enhance their qualifications.

Engineering/Electronics/Communication and Maintenance/Electronics

Skilled workers whose capabilities fall under the Engineering/Electronics/Communication and Maintenance/Electronics specializations can immediately switch on their career abroad by applying for jobs for cellphone and solar technicians. These services are in-demand in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

To secure a post, acquire the necessary knowledge and skills by taking the Cellphone Servicing or Solar Night Light Assembly TESDA Online Course.

Maintenance/Automotive and Maintenance/Facilities

Successfully land a job in the maintenance sector abroad by applying for any of the job openings for auto denters, car mechanics, auto aircon technicians, and diesel engine mechanics in Oman, Qatar or Australia.

The TESDA online courses that may be taken related to these jobs are Diesel Engine Tune Up, Automotive Battery Servicing and Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition.

Health/Beauty/Personal Care

Massage therapists are needed in the countries of Bahrain, Singapore, and Kuwait. Various licensed agencies need massage therapists, nail artists, and spa therapists.

To qualify for these market demands, increase your knowledge by taking any of the modules under the Health, Social, and other Community Development Services.

Take advantage of the free online training programs and obtain the necessary National Certificate from a TESDA-accredited center to outperform other candidates and catch your future foreign employer’s attention. While developing your qualifications, start building your profile and discover thousands of in-demand jobs fast and easy.

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